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An Apartment Interiors in Coimbatore That Works Wonders Within a Limited Footprint

March 04, 2023

Having previously lived on the fringes of the city, the clients were hoping to make their transition to this relatively peaceful apartment in Coimbatore a smooth one. Comfort, clean lines, linear layouts, and contemporary forms encompassed the essence of their brief. As a result, the interior sports contemporary aesthetics and imparts a sense of warmth and contrast with its bold and lively touches. Here’s the home of Mrs Gayathriy & family with exquisite and seamlessly designed interiors.

Contemporary Living Area

The living room is lined with a contemporary-styled beige sofa. Together with the new flooring, lighting, and decor, the customised sofa looks impressive and admirable. We love the timeless quality and the calm ambience it brings to contemporary space. The living space also has a balcony space adorned by glass doors. The glass doors bring in natural light to the living space, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The beautiful balcony provides a pleasant view of the surrounding area, making it an ideal spot to relax and unwind. 

Modern Day Dining Space

Apartment Interiors in Coimbatore

The solid-wood dining table comfortably seats six. The six side chairs are of the highest quality with cream upholstery. To mix up the look, we have also added curtains to bring in more light and subtleness. The curtains create a cozy atmosphere on this apartment interiors in Coimbatore, perfect for enjoying a meal or simply taking in the view. With the balcony and dining area combined, this is an ideal spot to entertain family and friends.

Open Style Modular Kitchen

Apartment Interiors in Coimbatore

Since the house mostly adopts an open-plan scheme, we brought an earthy palette to the kitchen. The visual scheme is bold, evokes energy, and stands apart from the rest of the house in terms of aesthetics. The most striking feature of the kitchen is its functionality. Since it is derived from an open concept, the kitchen gets plenty of light from the living and dining areas. The cabinets are soft close and have a wooden theme. The cabinets are also spacious, allowing for plenty of storage. Additionally, the countertops are made of durable materials that will last for years to come. 

Calm and Relaxing Bedrooms 

Apartment Interiors in Coimbatore

The client wanted the master bedroom to be a serene space having white walls and contemporary-inspired furniture for their apartment interiors in Coimbatore. With a queen-sized bed and clean-lined dressers, the bedroom achieves a minimalist aesthetic that promotes relaxation and calmness. The use of natural light and strategically placed light fixtures further enhance the serene atmosphere of the room. The only pop of colour that comes in here is the black glossy wardrobe. All the furniture is contemporary and designed and manufactured at our own factory. The kid’s bedroom strikes a quieter, more subdued note with green, wood, and white. The guest bedroom too is designed with a calming atmosphere in mind, featuring contemporary styled furniture with soft fabrics and plush linens.  

Our interior designers in Coimbatore were able to create a visually appealing yet comfortable space that the client can enjoy. Overall, with the furnishings and decor combined, it provides a welcoming and inviting space for the family and their guests to relax and unwind.