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Custom-Made Dining Room

People often have a tendency to purchase dining room furniture’s and other products separately from the ready-made furniture shop. But with D’LIFE you have an option to get dining room furniture such as table, chairs and crockery shelves in matching designs and color. By custom design and making, dining room interior design can be in perfect combination with modular kitchen. D’LFE provides you a comfortable design that matches your requirements. A suitable bar counter can be designed conveniently within the space available or the wash counter can be augmented by adding storage in matching colour theme. Take a look at some of our products for your dining room in this page to customize and include in your home interiors package. We have an endless variety of dining room interior design decors to give your dining room the makeover it deserves with gorgeous and beautiful updates for walls, lighting, and exclusive furniture. This facility of custom design and implementation of dining rooms in combination with other rooms is available in our branches at Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai & Coimbatore


Most of the modern houses have a bar counter unit assembled at the dining room itself. It not only serves as a bar counter unit, but also acts as a prestigious decorative unit too. Avail the bar counter units to be assembled anywhere in Kerala, from D`LIFE Home Interiors.

Crockery Shelf

A crockery shelf enables you to arrange your crockery items in a prestigious way. Dining rooms will be beautified when you have a customized crockery shelf in it. Choose from the wide range of crockery shelf designs from D`LIFE.

Dining Chair

Dining chairs of most modern type are custom-designed and made to suit the dining table set. Complete home interiors in unique style would need attention to even the small things. An alternative option is to go for ready-made dining table and chairs set. But that may not match with rest of the works that lead to imperfection. With D`LIFE customized dining chairs it is sure to bring comfort and style in perfect combination with rest of the furnishing.

Dining Table

As dining table is a prominent furniture for the daily use of family members its style and durability is a matter of concern for all. D`LIFE makes suitable dining table as part of home interior projects undertaken. Most modern style can be integrated to the durable materials of laminated hardwood MDF and glass. Ask for the available types of dining table or let us create something new for your house or flat.


A wash counter is an inevitable part of a dining room and when you can get it customized as per your needs and requirements it seems to be much more interesting. Make a wash counter unit that fits your space and keep your head straight while the guest arrives.