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A 3BHK Apartment Interior Project at L&T Eden Park, Chennai

December 23, 2022

living room interior Project at L&T Eden Park, Chennai

This apartment Interior project at L&T Eden Park, Chennai is effortlessly elegant and has a balance of practicality with style. We have curated design elements to the requirements of the family. One of the main objectives of this project was to meet all the requirements of the family. The design meets the requirement as a collective as well as an individual level while maintaining the aesthetics. The furnishings, decor and artworks echo light tones and still create a minimal inspired contemporary look that is sure to stand the test of time.

Warm and Inviting Custom-Made Living Area

This apartment interior project at L&T Eden Park is filled with natural light. The living is a testament to the owners’ unique personality; it is vibrant and light-filled. The living space has a custom-built tufted sofa, coffee table and a TV unit in a white and wooden theme. We have also given ambient recessed lighting to soften the ambience. The design revolves around the philosophy of creating a warm, inviting, and clutter-free space. The sofa and other furnishings in this living room were ergonomically designed according to the comfort of the homeowners.

The Open-Plan Dining with Minimalist Decor

The living and dining areas have a free-flowing, open-plan layout. The dining area too gets plenty of natural light through the windows and balcony. The six-seater dining with a white table top and flanked by custom-designed chairs lend a minimalist accent to the dining space. Beside the dining area is a crockery unit that stands on the walls creating visual interest.

Well-Equipped Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is stylish and is in a white and rose gold combination. Shelves have a soft close mechanism and have smooth surfaces aligning with the monotony of the colours in the living and dining. The modular layout offers numerous storage possibilities and helps define the kitchen. With the cabinetry and accessories, this modular kitchen is perfect for homeowners, who love cooking and entertaining.

Contemporary Bedrooms

bedroom Apartment Interior Project at L&T Eden Park, Chennai

The bedrooms of this beautiful apartment interior project at L&T Eden Park has been designed by our interior design team in Chennai to create drama with contemporary decor features and enable the play of light throughout the day. The master bedroom gets wooden flooring and has a pop of vibrancy. To visually minimize the bulk, wardrobes are sliding and are in the same wooden theme. The home has a neutral color palette thus adding a punch of personality and elegance to the smooth homogeneity.

Ergonomically and Stylishly Designed Kids’ Room

The kid’s room features a clean-lined, functional design narrative with a customized bed and furnishings. Designed ergonomically and minimally, the kid’s room also has a study unit in a purple-white combination. The color palette makes for subtle drama and gives a sense of expanse.
Our clients wanted to give their apartment a visual and spatial mood and also, needed to have a space with hints of the contemporary in the interior. Our team of interior designers in Chennai have used custom furnishings and decor in this space. And ultimately, this apartment project has come together cohesively. The design plan has come out really well, meeting the requirements of the client and family.

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