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The Best Table Designs for Your Contemporary Home

June 28, 2024

Tables give your home an attractive appearance, add flair to any area, and make your life easy with their usefulness. A perfectly designed table does not obstruct the aesthetics of the room or movement, even when the table is in use. They make everyday life easy for you with good functionality.

Centre Table Designs: The Expression point of your Living Room

The living room is the heart of your home. It gives your guests a first impression of what it’s like to live in your home. The centre table and sofa set the stage for your guests to breathe in the essence of the home. Its decorative and functional presence gives meaning to the space in the living room.

Here we introduce the finest designs of centre tables for your home.


If you are a person who loves to stand out, Ethan is the best option for you. It is an expression of authenticity and bold uniqueness. The minimalist design and smooth edges with a clean look are pleasing. The single-legged table takes up less floor space than most four-legged tables.

Round center table


The twin centre table is a surprise and a love-at-first-sight kind of treat to anyone. The appearance of the two tables together beautifies the space in harmony with its uniqueness. Made of a hardwood walnut stain finish with customisable options of round brown and clear glass tops, it fits your contemporary home beautifully.


Lucida is a neatly built table with a good balance of aesthetics. Every corner touched by minimalism invites a bold and clean look to your room. Lucida features a drawer, and it is made out of walnut or white finish hardwood legs.


If you are a person of style who loves uniqueness, this table is for you. Its design symbolises “duality—the Yin & Yang.” The white and brown complement each other. The functionality that comes with the boxy design is impressive. It has drawers for necessary storage needs.


The bold and blocky design with wooden aesthetics brings a natural touch to your room. This special design with a drawer and an open space gives you an idea of how to organise your things well. With its simplicity and functionality, Harleston fits excellently in your room.

D’LIFE Centre Table designs are intriguing. Check them out at D’LIFE for more inspiring designs.

Dining Table Designs: Where Love Is Served

Dining tables are the perfect spot for your family and friends to enjoy meals. They add a stylish statement to your home. Here are our best dining products that exude craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Copper Lattice

The eye-catching V-shape leg design has perfect and unique symmetry. The clear glass top has a copper base that illuminates your dining experience.Due to the light appearance of the design, it seamlessly fits into any interior style.

Copper Finish

The Copper Finish table visually boasts its refined look. The streamlined design of the legs is pleasing to the eyes. Featuring a clear glass top with copper base, all attention is projected towards the table.


When it comes to creativity, the elegant curves added to the traditional rectangular approach steal the spotlight of this table design. The Tangle dining table comes with a hardwood round leg base in walnut stain. Customisable options include a clear glass top or a brown glass top to suit your room’s aesthetic.


The Indigo design is all about comfort and efficiency. It offers seating for six without compromising much floor space. A wooden base with a shiny glass top and streamlined wooden designs is a good blend of aesthetics and minimalism.


A six-seat royal canary table features walnut bronze made in supreme quality hardwood MDF. It resonates with the good aesthetics of contemporary interiors. Canary is a scintillating piece of furniture that attracts attention impressively.

Are you curious to learn more?

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Study Table Designs: Where Design Meets Inspiration

Every fine mind who made their mark in history had a table. Albert Einstein had a table—a messy one, actually. Steve Jobs had a table full of electronic mess. Arundathi Roy wrote “The God of Small Things” on a table, which won the Booker Prize for Fiction. Bruce Lee had a table to write his philosophy notes and kung-fu improvisation ideas. A table is where you sit, and inspiration finds you.

As the virtual study culture is on the rise, a good table setting can help you and your family work and study productively.

A study table should be designed to give you good body posture while you’re working. A bad body posture can cause health issues and affect your focus. The best tables have good posture, which helps improve studies.

Introducing the most inspiring and striking study table designs.


Meadow was designed with inspiration derived from the image of an open-sky view of the sea and clouds. This functional and stylish modern table is crafted with hardwood MDF in a midnight blue and frosty white finish. Large spaces are made to accommodate necessary objects for a workstation. The Meadow unit integrates a wide table space with a closed bottom and open overhead cabinets. It aligns with any wall, making it a perfect fit for any room’s aesthetic.


The Praire study table design is a good example of minimalism and efficiency at its peak. The chances of a messy and bulky table are zero for Praire. This study unit fits almost anywhere and is a testament to a minimalist table design. It comes with a pair of fairly large bookshelves, cabinets, and recessed lighting. The colour theme strikes as positive and inviting. It appears as the focal point of the room.


The Artic Study Table features storage units with designs themed in frosty white and dark citrus. Arctic has a dual work space with drawers and shelves. Overhead cabinets with open space and storage areas are also available. The aesthetics are well balanced and make the table appear inviting.


The Shangrila study table strikes as minimalistic without any compromise on architectural qualities. The chances of running out of storage are close to zero with plenty of storage overhead. Shangrila, made of hardwood MDF with laminate, offers a good amount of space to work and study. It qualifies as one of our many signature designs. Being built with precision and the best materials, durability is not in question here.


Crafted in a lavender-frosty white theme, Saffron exceeds expectations of what a table should look like. Integrated with a bookshelf with closed cabinets and open-type shelves, all your storage needs are satisfied. LED lighting built into the design is excellent for studying and working late at night. There is no space for questions about durability with the solid hardwood MDF construction. The size can be customised as per the dimensions of the room and the requirements. Simplicity and elegance are key features of this table design.

For more study table designs that will get your curiosity-driven mind to a stop, check out D’LIFE Study Table designs. The best centre, dining, and study table designs are crafted with passion and creative insights rather than following basic traditional styles.

The design culture at D’LIFE compels us to think about how a table can impact the lives of people at home and improve the daily life spent at the table. We are open to every chance of creativity, leaving no space for doubt to cloud your minds. All the products of D’LIFE reflect our passion, extreme craftsmanship, and contemporary beauty.