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Benefits of Customized Bedroom Wardrobes

July 30, 2018

Full wall length wardrobe with study table and book rack

Customized bedroom wardrobes have already started to replace the ready-made ones in modern bedrooms. Therefore, if it is time to furnish or revamp your bedroom interior, wardrobes could be the ideal place to start with. Wardrobes are one of the most functional and key elements of bedroom decorations. If not chosen wisely, it could easily increase your workload and become an everyday headache. An ergonomically balanced wardrobe makes it easier to load or unload your clothes and accessories, thereby saving you a lot of time every day.

Purchasing ready-made wardrobes from retail shops are a common practice in India. However, Ready-made products are not specifically designed to suit your lifestyle. As a result, you will start to experience the issues one by one once you start using it. In order to maintain perfect harmony, you will need something that looks great and serves the purpose. Customized bedroom wardrobes are the modern solution for these sorts of issues. You can design it specifically to fulfil your requirements within the space limitations, without compromising on the aesthetic appearance.

Significance of Wardrobes in Day-to-Day Life

Imagine a situation where you have purchased a new pair of expensive party wear, but could not find enough room in your closet to store it. This happens in everyone’s life, and to be honest, it can be quite irritating. Each one of us has a different way of living, only we know about our lifestyle requirements. Unlike Customized bedroom wardrobes, ready-made wardrobes are made based on the majority’s interest. Therefore, in most cases, it fails to serve the purpose, or could even become just the opposite of what you have wanted. Coz, not everyone follows the same habits or lifestyle patterns.

Wardrobe design ideas

Benefits of Customization

The benefit of customization is that you can design it as your requirements. Each drawer, shelves, or even the doors handles can be uniquely designed to serve your needs. In other words, you will get the option to choose the size and shape of the wardrobes and accessories. This means you no longer have to jam-pack your clothes to find space for new items, as the storage facilities fulfil your needs. Similarly, there are a number of things that you can incorporate to make your wardrobes more convenient. Soft-close doors, open ledges etc. just to name a few. 

Popular Types of Modern Wardrobes

Days are gone when the sole purpose of wardrobes was to provide storage space. Nowadays, various options of wardrobes come with additional units such as beautiful dressing units, fully-fledged study units etc. However, it does not mean that the regular three-door wardrobe does not have any buyers. Even though the modern multifunctional wardrobes dominate the market, there are still some old-fashioned units, which manages to maintain their share of the market. The major reason is the people’s susceptibility and unawareness about contemporary home interiors, mostly in the rural areas of Kerala. However, in the urban and suburban areas, choosing them over the modern wardrobes would be a difficult decision for normal buyers, as the modern wardrobes are far more functional and convenient in every aspect.

By integrating two units, we can easily reduce the space consumption and functionality of both units. For example, integrating bookshelves or study tables into the wardrobes can significantly reduce space consumption and budget. Moreover, if you design it as per your needs, it will be more convenient and easy to use.

Let’s review a few popular wardrobe models;-

Wardrobe cum Dressing Unit: A popular wardrobe model integrated with a beautiful dressing unit including a large mirror. The main advantage of the wardrobe cum dressing unit is that you do not have to hover around your bedrooms to grab your make up accessories or clothes. A fully-fledged dressing unit attached to the wardrobe keeps everything you need within your reach. 

Wardrobe cum Study Table: This model consists of a beautiful and functional combination of a small study unit and a three-door wardrobe. The design is more suitable for kid’s room interiors as it has all the necessary furniture units. The benefit of using the wardrobe cum study unit is that it can save plenty of space. For smaller bedrooms, if you build wardrobes and study units as two separate units; it will consume comparatively more space. As a result, the kids may feel more sophisticated inside the room and will lose interest in spending time inside it.

Wardrobe cum LCD unit: Some of you may like to have a Television in your bedroom. Installing a separate LCD unit in the bedroom will cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, it will make your room feel more congested. However, with an expert designer, you can easily include the LCD unit with your wardrobe. As per the size and shape of the room, the unit can be attached to the centre or side portions of the wardrobes.

Wardrobe with study unit in Bangalore


How to Get Customized Bedroom Wardrobes for Your Home

The best way to get a customized bedroom wardrobe is to get it done as part of the interior works. This way, the designers will be able to maintain an overall theme across the wardrobes and the rest of the interior. As a result, you will get a completely synchronized home interior with a balanced aesthetic appearance. When you discuss your requirements with an expert interior designer, always ensure that you are detailing everything you have in your mind. Proper communication is one of the key factors for them to understand your specific storage needs.