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How to Detoxify Home and Maintain a Healthy Living

July 15, 2021

How to Detoxify Home Kitchen?

A kitchen full of toxins generated in different ways can damage the health of the occupants. Make a few changes in the kitchen and get rid of these common culprits, so you will have peace of mind and good health.

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Practice pest control
It shouldn’t be surprising that the products we use for pest control are also not healthy for us either. So instead of getting your hands into harmful pest control chemicals, try natural alternatives. Use essential oils, keep the window screens closed and try flies repellents to reduce pests in the home.

Filter Your Water
The water we usually get contains chlorine and other chemicals, which are used to treat and prevent waterborne diseases. If you want to have clean water, use carbon filters or a heavy-duty water filter for home and thus filter out the chemicals.

Avoid plastic containers
Plastics contain harmful chemicals, which emit toxic substances when heated or put under pressure. Though Eliminating plastic is almost impossible, you can try out some natural alternatives like using bamboo as glasses, paper straws or recycled glass jars.

Ditch Toxic Cleaning Products
We are exposed to dozens of different chemicals every day. Most cleaning products are chemicals-based. They contain harmful compounds that might be harmful to you that also may be hazardous to the interior environment and the solution to this is obvious. Use organic and natural products to detoxify home.

Detoxifying the Living Area

With the presence of harmful chemicals in the environment, it is important that we remove toxins from our Living room. Living space is one place that could possibly bring-in the most toxins and chemicals. Consider this as your complete guide to detoxing your living space.

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Don’t let the dust settle
Dust can amount to a toxic soup in a home. The shoes, carpets, and closed windows keep dirt and dust at bay floating in your space. Invest in a portable air purifier to detoxify home that helps capture dust particles and any infected respiratory droplets and ensure you clean its filters regularly. Also, make sure to give your house a regular vacuum.

Improve Air Quality & Green Your Home
Ensuring good quality air indoors is extremely important, as poor air quality can be irritating. Air quality in our homes is actually quite terrible than we think it is. Do a little research, and lurk in some plants. Plants have a natural ability to clean air. They improve the air quality by absorbing pollutants, carbon monoxide and other toxins in the air. Plants like Peace Lily, Spider plants, ferns, Chinese evergreen are some examples of plants that purify the air.

Know your furniture
Furniture made of some of the cheap construction materials can be toxic and may not last long as they demand to be. Consult with an experienced interior designer to invest in quality furniture. Even better, to make things more affordable, you can also invest in a piece of quality second-hand furniture that is made from real wood.

Bedroom Detoxification

Most of us would think that our bedroom is always safe. But, the bedroom is where we spend much of our time and can have health-damaging toxins. While most toxins are invisible, it can cause various issues such as skin irritations and rashes, nagging fatigue, and other respiratory conditions. The goal is to have a clean and healthy bedroom atmosphere.

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Keep a check on Laundry
When it comes to laundry detergents, it can irritate a sensitive individuals’ skin. Most of us think that since most of us have air-conditioning in homes, dust isn’t an issue in a home anymore. But think again. All your unwashed clothes, mattresses, curtains etc. can have various dust particles and germs inside them. They even lead to allergic reactions.

Replace older mattresses
When your kids are coughing, wheezing, or are having allergic reactions, it’s likely due to the age-old mattresses and other fabrics used in the bedroom. Man-made fabrics, like polyester and nylon, are treated with harmful toxic chemicals during their production. So stick to shopping for fabrics that are volatile organic compounds such as bamboo, wool and wrinkle-resistant apparels and wash these at least once a week to detoxify home.