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How to Ensure the Right Air Quality Indoor

August 28, 2020

Nobody is ignorant of the harmful effects one invites while inhaling the polluted air from outside. But what escape from your notice are the tiny granules of allergens and other pollutants that make the air inside your home unsafe. Yes, you heard it right. Even the air inside your cosy little homes could have unforeseen aftermaths on your health. If you tend to coop in your modern homes, attend to these small measures to improve the air quality and lead an easy-breezy life.

Maintain Clean Spaces in Your Home

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Oblivious to you, there would be zillions of accumulated dust all-around your home and the only way to control them is through thorough cleaning. Make use of a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust, and to an extent, the concentration of lead from the dust could be seized. Prepare a routine and ensure that the filter is also kept clean after each use. Further, it is wise to mop the floors with plain water to gather the dust that is left behind from vacuuming. And most importantly, place large floor mats at every door as they would help in trapping a large number of pollutants. Also, wash them regularly. Similarly, it is essential to change position of the movable home furniture and clean the spaces often.

Keep in Check the Level of Humidity

All surfaces, moist and damp are tempting feast for moulds and mildews, which would, in turn, cause respiratory issues in people. Utilize a dehumidifier or an air conditioner as and when the situation demands to reduce the moisture content in your homes. Give access to proper ventilation and thus avoid the moisture to amass.

Maintain Rugs and Carpets Clean

When it comes to indoor air quality, rugs are a good thing to have. But, you will be surprised to learn how fast dirt goes into rugs and carpets. Once dirt goes into them, it does not easily come out. Regular vacuuming and cleaning is a good thing to have. If need be, entrust professional cleaners to work at least once a year to maintain the carpets.

Grow Some Indoor Plants

There is no better remedy than placing green plants inside your homes to ward off the dust and allergens from entering your home. Plants are the nature’s natural air filters, and just as you take efforts to nurture them, they would repay you by improving the indoor air quality. Moreover, an indoor garden would act as home décor that would greatly add to your interior enhancements.  If you want to take air purification up a notch, try incorporating air lily into your space. 

Utilize Natural Fresheners

As said, cleaning is the most effective way to collect the dust, but again, you must ensure that the cleaning agents are fragrant-free or naturally-scented. For, the synthetic fragrances would release many chemicals into the air that would make the indoor air impure to breathe. If at all possible, resort to natural remedies for cleaning and bring in fresh air by opening up your doors and windows.

Ensure Proper Functioning of Air Condition System

An air conditioning system not maintained properly can create problems in people with asthma and allergies. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air quality. It often blocks the air circulating inside the building rather than dust and pollen moving out. Thus, there is a need for changing the filters and cleaning them occasionally.

Clean and Maintain Cooking Vents and Air Ducts

Cooking vents and air ducts are the lungs of a home. When functioning properly, these systems protect the inhabitants from indoor air pollution. However, once dirty they can bring serous health issues as well. Impure air and gas that should go out through these vents may circulate inside the house and thus cause harmful effects. Similarly, make sure to clean the hob of modular kitchen and remove the grease to avoid blockage.

When it comes to indoor air quality, there are varieties of approaches to make improvement. And we are sure you will make these changes for your family and friends. Cleaning, maintenance and regular checking can surely ensure healthy environment inside the house.