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Luxury Home Interior Design in Trivandrum Mrs Sindhu

June 07, 2020

It was in the mid of September-last year when we contacted Mrs. Sindhu Vijayakumar to confirm her interest to proceed with home interior design in Trivandrum by D’LIFE. Apparently, the client was expecting our call and expressed her interest to visit our showroom with family for a detailed discussion. A few days later, one evening, this adorable family visited us. The purpose of the visit was clear; they wanted to make their newly built apartment interior more comfortable, convenient, and of course more beautiful. She had plenty of ideas in her mind; mostly fragments of designs she might have seen somewhere in the past. Nevertheless, the designers took a vow to explore their concepts completely, so that they could add it to the home interior design layouts smoothly.


The staff took them through the display models and design gallery to encourage their confidence. After a while, they started to talk about the requirements. Through several discussions with the family, our designers collected all relevant details. They knew it was not easy to match their expectations, but it is really amazing to satisfy someone who has this much idea about interior design in Trivandrum. After the first meeting, the designer created an initial layout in which he had integrated all of their needs and ideas. During the following weeks, the designer made a few more corrections as per the client’s advice. The family was extremely delighted once they saw the complete home interior design plan with detailed drawings and 3D’s.

Then came the difficult part, converting these designs into actual furniture was a real challenge. This is one area where many of the firms for interior design in Trivandrum usually fail. Because to create a quality interior without deviating from original drawings needs modern machinery and great expertise. Lack of expert artistry will result in inferior products and finishes. However, with the help of an expert team and advanced factory machinery, nothing is impossible. Within a few weeks, the family got what they have dreamed of; a completely customized home interior as per their ideas.

Let us have look at this beautiful apartment interior

Premium Bedrooms


Bedroom with premium cot and lighting

The apartment interior is luxurious and has 4 bedrooms, each of them is almost identical in size and shape. The client wanted each room to look different from the other. But I want to maintain a general theme all around. herefore, the designers kept a few identical units in every bedroom. We can easily notice the glimpse of an elegant variant of white in each bedroom along with other radiant shades. Similarly, the wardrobes, dressing tables, and mirrors follow the same pattern in every room, but in different colors. It is not just the bedrooms; the entire home interior design was created maintaining this formula. Altogether, the bedrooms look unique and attractive with great color combinations in every part of the room.

Living & Dining Rooms as Part of Interior Design Trivandrum

The living room follows a contemporary design with sofa set, center table, and decorative units. All designs and shades carry exquisiteness to match with the rest. A portion of the wall engulfs wooden panels and LED strips to improve the brightness. An LCD display unit with storage space is also placed in front of the wall. Dining room furniture retains the wooden theme from the living room and adds white colour flawlessly into the chairs and decorative shelves. This time, our designers used the enchanting white shade to match with the rest of the theme.

Simple and Realistic Kitchen

She said the family needs a functional and convenient kitchen. They needed it to be simple and realistic. An L shaped Modular Kitchen was a perfect choice, considering the requirements and the space left for the kitchen. To make it more useful, the designers have incorporated sufficient storage cabinets in the kitchen along with basic utilities, such as cutlery unit, bottle pull out, thali Basket, waste bin with auto lid etc.  Besides the practicality, the kitchen shines well in the dazzling white and wooden theme.


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