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How to Maintain Home Furniture and Ensure Long Life

June 05, 2020

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Maintain home furniture well, if you care enough to ensure its long life. Furniture reflects our character, likes, and identity. If chosen wisely, it can transform any room into an amazing part of the dwelling. However, maintaining home furniture for longer periods is a continuous and conscious act. Sometimes it may feel like an impossible task to maintain home furniture without abrasion or fatigue. After a period, even top-quality home interiors will lose their glossiness, if the owners don’t maintain it well.

In most cases, those who are living in the house fail to notice these changes. Especially individuals who are busy with professional or personal life. Nevertheless, your guests are definitely going to identify these abnormalities; and when they notice, you may feel embarrassed. You can easily avoid small or serious damage if you put a little effort on a regular basis to maintain home furniture. Nowadays, all the products from customized home interior companies come with a detailed instruction list; all you have to do is follow the guidelines

Maintain Home Furniture Neat and Clean

Cleaning furniture on a daily basis does not seem to be a more difficult task than a routine. However, when we say cleaning, always ensure to use proper cleaning agents to clean them. Improper use of cleaning materials or liquids may eventually cause deterioration and cause damage to furniture. The best practice would be to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines without deviation. Cleaning the dust and moisture with a soft dry cloth is a common practice used to maintain home furniture. Make sure that the lamination is stable enough so that it will not be damaged by the pressure you apply while cleaning.

Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses thus the cleaning method differs. For example, the use of detergents such as macro dilution method or alcohol detergent is unhealthy for furniture without lamination, but these are widely being used for other materials. One of the greatest advantages of furniture with a lamination is that it acts as a shield and protects from the dust and moisture around them. Furniture with laminate does not scratch or stain easily, but still proper cleaning in periodic intervals is necessary to ensure its maximum life.

Ensure Pest Control

Pests are really harmful and can damage your household items without even being noticed. Eliminating them is an important step to maintain home furniture. Once infected, it can easily spread to the entire furniture in your home and eventually cause collateral damage.  Termites, carpenter bees and white ants are the most common insects that cause damage. Most of us may fail to notice it at first, and by the time we get to know their presence, it may have caused some serious damage. However, if you give proper attention to the household items its presence can be easily identified.  Leading home interior design brand D’LIFE says most of their products have strong resistivity to pest attacks. However, it is always a best practice to follow the precautionary measures. Conducting a pest control service twice in a year will help you to maintain home furniture from pest attacks. But, there are still chances left, especially when you are away from your home for longer periods. Because closed rooms sometimes cause high moisture content in the air, these are the perfect conditions for the pests and fungus to infest. Therefore, always make necessary arrangements to keep the windows open at certain intervals, if you are going away from home for more than 2 weeks.

No More Leakage; Water Proof Modular Kitchen

A common enemy of almost all materials used to make furniture is excessive water exposure. Occasional contact with water generally does not trigger any issues if you use quality materials. However, long and standing exposure to water could damage the products severely. Even products made of high-quality hardwood MDF or marine plywood (Which are known for their long durability and strength) also have the same weakness. Each material reacts differently to water, woods and its products may inflate while metals rust and deteriorate. Eliminating the chances of water contact is the only way to maintain home furniture from premature destruction. Leakages in the water purifier and kitchen appliances are the most commonly found causes of Modular Kitchen cabinet damages. Hence, pay more attention to the home interior design process, particularly when you pick up water purifiers and related appliances. Always evaluate the quality of the appliances before installation. Because any malfunction on these appliances will directly trigger water leakage thus the nearby cabinets and furniture are at high risk of excessive water contact. Especially, if you are not present at the time of leakage, it will further increase the chance of damage. Therefore, when you leave home, always take proper measures to ensure that there is no leakage in any of these systems.

Handle Them Properly

Switching or moving furniture from one place to another carelessly may cause damage to the piece. The only way to avoid these kinds of damage is proper planning and execution of movements. Always think through and plan well before picking up or moving furniture. First, decide where you want to move it to; this will help you to plan well thereby preventing bumps against doorways and other appliances. If you don’t see enough merit in moving it, don’t do it, because, sometimes even a single faulty maneuver could weaken the structure permanently. Therefore, when you move furniture, ensure to grab on to the structural elements, which are generally stronger than the other areas. And also, try not to drag the furniture along the floor, this may loosen up the clamps and break the joints.

Damage caused by or improper use of furniture is also not uncommon. Children at home may hang on the handles, and shutters of modular kitchen or wardrobes. Identify the material of furniture and ensure that they do not come in contact with undesirable objects. For example, if you keep hot items such as coffee mugs or steaming tureens on a Sofa set, it could easily ruin the surface smoothness. Therefore, to maintain home furniture, first, you need to understand the purpose and limitations of each item.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Most of the furniture nowadays comes with a manufacturer warranty and a handful of companies offer lifetime service and maintenance for their products. However, if you handle it carefully, furniture made of quality materials like hardwood MDF or marine plywood generally doesn’t need much maintenance. All you may have to do is some polishing and re-upholstering at the most. Nevertheless, let be any service, always try to contact the manufacturers instead of third-party servicing agencies or local carpenters. Because unprofessional maintenance or service could further worsen the damage and you may finally end up losing the piece forever. It is advisable to enter into an annual maintenance contract with the supplier to ensure continuous servicing of furniture at less cost.