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5 Best Materials for Kitchen Countertops

April 25, 2022

A smart and ideal kitchen is a necessity when hunger calls. The design and functionality of the kitchen should be in sync with each other to prepare a tasty meal. In response to that, if there is a clean and durable countertop to prepare all your food, it is a blessing. For the starters, a little research into the type of materials for the kitchen countertops is very fruitful. While designing a kitchen area for a residence, there are many popular choices but our job is to select the most suited one for your cooking area.

Let us climb the heaps of rocks and stones and select from the 5 best materials for Kitchen Countertops.

Materials for Kitchen Countertops kerala

1. Granite

Granite is the most popular choice among interior designers and customers. Both love the strength and durability of the material. With some professional help in installing a polished slab of granite, the kitchen looks elegant and oozes luxury. After finishing, the countertop is maintenance-free as granite is one of the hardest substances. Although Granite is an expensive material, installing a granite slab in the kitchen adds to the value of your real estate.

2. Quartz

After discussing one of the most extensively used natural rocks, let us look at a synthetic one that is composed of quartz particles and other minerals. There are many benefits of going for this engineered and customized kitchen countertop material. Quartz resists heat and all types of stains. If money is not an issue, it is a good choice.

3. Marble

The white marble countertop in the wide-open kitchen reflects peace and serenity all over the place. It is a good choice to select marble for homes for its beauty and durability. It is a premier countertop material that is unquestionably the best one, but the marble surface cannot resist light scratches. So, proper sealing with a top-quality sealing product and timely maintenance will keep the countertop alive for years.

4. Laminate

This material is 100 percent plastic laminate material that is constructed on a medium density fiberboard using bonding techniques. It lasts for more than 10 years with mild wear and tears. Laminate is a low-cost material that has innumerate variants in colors and designs for your countertop. It is maintenance-free and cost-efficient as its installation doesn’t even need professional help because of its lightweight.

5. Concrete

It is customary to add a concrete countertop in many homes as it is strong and durable. Its smooth finish is achieved by seamless polishing after removing the cast. Nowadays, even pigments are added to the concrete during mixing to get a bright color. So, if you are looking to redecorate an outdoor kitchen countertop, it is a perfect choice in terms of authenticity and longevity.


Redesigning the kitchen countertop must be initiated with the help of a professional interior designer who may have wonderful ideas for transforming the space. It is to ensure best usage of resources, avoid the potential mistakes and select the most suitable material finishes. Thus, creating premium home interiors need usage of long-lasting materials for kitchen countertop as well as the floor while planning construction around kitchen spaces. It’s a one-time investment as the quality works will last for several years and ensure satisfaction to the users.