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Cochin Apartment Interiors of Director Priyadarshan

December 15, 2017

The name “Priyadarshan” is well known in the Indian film industry. With a career that spans over three decades, he has directed films which are considered as evergreen hits in Indian cinema. Movie lovers will always remember his movies through the freshness he brought to his frames. A director who created some of the finest films in Indian cinema once again proves that his creativity has no limits. The design of his new home in Kochi the director shows the same magic. This stylish interior luxury apartment in Cochin is strategically located at Kochi and enjoys a view of the waterfront. One could even consider Priyadarshan’s Cochin apartment interiors by D’LIFE as one of his best works. The flat will remind us how colorful his frames were.

Most of the big names in the Malayalam film industry are now planning to make Kochi as their home. So it would rather be pointless to ask why the ace director decided to build a flat in Cochin. But the director claims that the view of the serene lake situated near to the flat attracted him the most. All three bedrooms and living room in the flat share this astounding view of the lake. We at D’LIFE consider it as a great honor that Priyadarshan approached us this time to customize his dream home as per his vision.

Let’s take a walk through the interiors of this house.


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The director who once brought incredible color combinations to his frames, decided milky white as the major theme colorHowever, there are other bright and showy colors palette to attract the viewers. The use of red and black colors brings in a wide variety to the Cochin apartment interiors and is definitely eye-catching.

Delightful Living Rooms

The main attraction of the living room is the red and black lacquered glass attached to the wall. Pendant lights with copper finishing are also equally attractive. One could easily relax and spend time by sitting on the milky white sofa and enjoy the view of the lake. Right side of the main entrance we can see the formal living room with milky white and dark brown themes. The walls are painted with milky white while the doors are decorated in dark brown.  At the end of the wall, a bar counter highlighted in dark brown is fixed. Also, a small office space is placed to the left in the opposite corner. The photos aligned perfectly on one side of the wall shows a flashback to Priyadarshan’s incredible life and great achievements.

Wake up watching the morning glory of the lake

All bedrooms are designed in different themes. The dark red color highlights in the master bedroom are equally attractive and matching with wall papers attached. Another bedroom is highlighted in shades of brown instead of red. Small study space is also attached to this room.

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The director claims words can’t describe the magnificent view of the peaceful lake. “The sight of the lake through the large glass wall is mesmerizing to watch and it instantly attracted me” he once said.

Elegant Kitchen

Kitchen in this apartment in Kochi is decorated in black and white colors. The kitchen cabinets prepared in laminated marine plywood are equally useful and also match with the floor tiles. In addition, a small breakfast counter is also attached in the kitchen, which is beautiful and can be quite useful too.

The Movie House

With this apartment interiors in Kochi, the director once again declared his love for cinema by naming it “The Movie House”.  May be the effort which he put to build a home with the style and designs he had in his mind reminded him his days of making films. He later appreciated the D’LIFE interior designers Kochi team for the quality commitment they have provided to make his visions true.