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Wall Textures: How to Create Interesting Texture on Walls

May 10, 2022

wall texture painting

Wall textures are a great choice for creating a stylish makeover for homes. There are many ways to create the texture you want. Combs, sponges, stencils etc make the best design elements of wall texture painting. If you are creating a texture for an already occupied home, make sure you have clean walls and for that, use a sponge, water and mild detergent. Move the furniture, secure the clothes, and remove fixtures, switches or any woodwork on the wall.

Orange Peel

An orange peel wall texture painting resembles the peel of an orange and looks exactly as it sounds; with soft bumps. There’s something interesting about an orange peel textured wall that will make the room special. It is very easy to do and a popular texture choice for homeowners. It is a subtle splatter which can be done by simply spraying on the drywall. The orange peel texture has a bumpy finish so make sure you get a thin, pancake batter-like consistency. The orange peel texture is also one of the favorite choices for homeowners who need to conceal their wall flaws. It also does soundproofing and is particularly recommended for walls to give a nicer look.

Sand Swirl

Sand swirl is an easy wall texture painting that can be accomplished with a paintbrush. It infuses a fresh character and gives the walls a tactile feel. Dip the brush into perlite and give a wipe. Make sure you hold the paintbrush by the base so you have more control over the handle. When applying, start from the top of the wall. Dip the brush into the pain after every 5-foot section to get the perfect finish. Once you are done, leave and let it dry for 24 hours, and then prime and paint the walls.


Combing is another classic technique favored by homeowners. To create the combing effect, you will need a tool that works similarly to a comb. The comb wall textures create lines of various widths and shapes in the drywall compound and create a particularly stylish appearance. The technique produces lines of various widths for a rainbow-like pattern. To create the combed texture, apply the drywall compound on the wall, then using the trowel, apply lines for the perfect pattern. You can also apply your artistic skills on the wall to get the rainbow circles.


Knockdown is similar to the orange peel technique. Application of texture designs for contemporary home interiors walls make it look authentic. As you’ve probably guessed from the name, this requires a brush and a knockdown knife. After the orange peel technique, use a knockdown knife to flatten the bumps. When doing, the knockdown knife might leave lines on the edges of the knives. In case you see this happening, stop and wait for at least 10 min and then begin again. The end result is a marbled texture which can be painted in any color. The Knockdown wall textures are a perfect solution if you prefer a smooth pattern on the walls.