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Interior Designs: Why Contemporary Style is on The Rise in India

June 22, 2024

Contemporary interior designs exuding aesthetics and functionality are a good prerequisite for a simple lifestyle. India is well known for its cultural heritage. Contemporary design is nourished by such a vibrant culture. Moreover, it gives contemporary design its uniqueness. Indian culture is blessed with a variety of aesthetics, cultural flavours, and colours that can be blended beautifully with interior designs. Minimalist and unique customisation options are among the key factors in the design. It also gives you the bonus of low maintenance. This design trend embraces the philosophy of “finding more in less” or “minimalism.” In short, minimalism reduces the noise in interior design. It promotes eco-friendly designs. In the modern trend of interior design, innovation has no limits. Hence, it beautifully incorporates technology into your home. You can see the versatility of contemporary design in the projects D’LIFE has completed for its clients.

Contemporary design features proving why it is on the rise

Natural lighting and eye-pleasing touches

As visually pleasing as contemporary designs are, lighting is a priority. Opening homes to natural lighting invites positive feelings. Sliding doors and large windows are good ideas to connect your indoor and outdoor areas. This invites nature into your home. For instance, placing exposed raw materials like bricks, wood and stones in your home helps you feel a connection with nature.

Lighting solutions like Hanging lights and dimmable LEDs help save electricity and are easy on your eyes. Also, it doesn’t hinder the sleep-inducing hormone (Melatonin) secreted in darkness. This increases the chance of a good night’s sleep.

Installing the perfect lighting fixture at your home requires you to take a good look at environmental factors like surrounding trees, climate, and sunlight. D’LIFE handles such matters of lighting with great attention to detail.

Track lighting is a popular trend in modern homes. It’s clean, simple, and equally pleasant to the eyes.

Precise and strategic placement of mirrors can increase openness, improve natural lighting, and also reduce claustrophobia. This enhances the elegance of your rooms. D’LIFE Home Interiors utilises mirrors exceptionally well with our vast knowledge and experience of completing 10,000+ projects. Our understanding of mirrors in home designs is impeccable, thanks to our hands-on experience in recommending the best lighting solutions to clients.

A well-designed ceiling adds an immense appearance of space and elegance. Trending ceiling designs in contemporary homes have hanging-ceilings, mirrors, fabrics, and much more.

Adding natural elements like a bamboo hammock or a swing can add charm to the home.

Green roofs, Homes around trees & Urban Heat Islands

Urban Heat Islands are areas in cities or urban places that experience more heat than their surroundings. India is moderately close to the equator and has mostly warm climates towards the south. Nourishing roofs with greenery lowers temperatures which in turn reduces UHI effects. It also appears to be visually appealing. The greenery boosts the air quality.

Space for Family & Efficient Designs

Indian households consist of joint families, or 4-5 members on average. Homes designed in contemporary style embrace minimalism. It increases spaciousness and inspires open conversations between your family members or guests.

Open floors in contemporary designs remove unnecessary wall spaces. It gives the opportunity for more aesthetically pleasing customisations.

Kitchens are known to be the most disorganised spot in the household. When it comes to kitchen design, reduced clutter and good efficiency are important. It improves the flow of air and removes unwanted heat. The best  designs for kitchen cabinets have glass doors instead of opaque ones which help you identify objects inside without opening the doors. LED striplights, a raised dishwasher and customised height of counters for comfort and convenience are also good examples of great contemporary design.

Functionality & Efficiency

Multifunctional furniture and folding tables can utilise space effectively. Bringing down visual clutter is a key priority alongside functionality. Examples of storage solutions are built-in closets and chests of drawers designed with a good amount of space and efficiency. Trending furniture used in modern homes has expandable sofa-cum-bed, space saving smart tools, adjustable tables in terms of accessibility, and much more.


Frequently accessed spots in your home like shelving units, cabinets and shoe racks, with simple and accessible designs increase comfort in daily life. Simple rugs and floor mats add texture to the room.

Multi-Jet showers and customisable-stream-in kitchen faucets are comfortable to use and help save water. Sinks with wooden lids can be used as extra cutting space. Vegetable holders in sinks that can be instantly removed, give easy-to-cook vibes in your kitchen.

Innovation: Integrating Technology into Homes

Technology and smart home solutions are on the rise in modern homes. Smart home accessories and technology can bring big enhancements to the functionality and design of your home. Customisable kitchens designed with good smoke treatment systems, induction cookers, well-organised refrigerators, solar roofs with automatic lights, solar water heaters, or smart security systems around the home with electric gates are examples of incorporating technology into home design.

Choosing Contemporary Design for your Home

Contemporary designs flow with time and always stay in style. You can rest assured that your vision of home will be brought to life beautifully. Contemporary designs have good versatility and have proven to be a good design choice for your home. It helps navigate the issue of clutter or visual noise. In addition to embracing minimal designs, contemporary design celebrates cultural symbolism in great depth.There is no reason to worry about your home being devoid of taste. You can confidently approach contemporary designers for your home design because of their openness to trends and ever-changing culture.

Are Contemporary designs in homes not Indian?

Most people assume a modern home is stripped of tradition. In fact, modern homes bring culture forward in a variety of ways. Decisions about a modern and bold approach to home design are difficult to make but always yield impressive results.

Do Indians love contemporary interior designs?

A change is indeed scary when it comes to the design of a home interior. There is an investment of a huge sum of money with hope and expectations. A home is where you spend most of your life. The walls of your home influence your personality and emotional well-being to extents that we don’t understand yet. Contemporary style designs with immense versatility always discover countless ways to fit your vision.

People who approached us with a dream of a contemporary home have always found everlasting happiness in the final reveal of their home.

Now, after reading the whole article, you have probably gained enough confidence to approach an interior design company in India to design your contemporary home. Contemporary design has immense potential in taking Indian culture further. The widespread adoption of contemporary designs across India is a demonstration of how the contemporary and traditional designs can coexist harmoniously.

Over the years, D’LIFE has produced lots of happiness in the lives of homeowners across the country with carefully curated contemporary interiors. Our clients also experience the best after-sale service with a dedicated team of professionals diligently working to offer personalised solutions. 10,000+ beautifully done projects and the happiness of our clients are a testament to the perfection of the contemporary design we offer.