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Activities to Keep your Children Entertained at Home

August 06, 2020

children cooking at home

Last few months of the pandemic situation compelled us to spend quality time with our families. Working from home, attending to your children, helping in the daily chores etc. seemed so easy and gleeful. But as days and months pass, we start witnessing the unseen effects, especially on working parents. As staying at home has become the new normal, they might be struggling to keep their kids engaged. Going to schools or nurseries is a dream beyond the apparent. Do not panic if they start pulling your heads and keep your sanity intact with these fun indoor activities for children.

Nurture the Creativity in Children

Small children are blessed with an abundance of creativity and they would come up with innovative ideas which you might have never heard of. Do not let the spaces confine their imagination for you could build on it by giving them crafts, colours, clay doughs and puzzles. Create an obstacle in a secluded space and leave it to them to untangle it. And see if the way they do it doesn’t surprise you.

Foster Relationships with Family

The ways the little ones can spread a smile are uncountable. As part of activities for children, encourage them to write letters to their relatives and friends. With a simple painting or a few words, you would be aiding your children to develop a nice companionship with your family through this activity. Consider yourself lucky if you get one in the end.

Get their Dance Moves Right

There is hardly any child who wouldn’t tap their feet or rock their hips when they hear some compelling music. Utilize the modern applications such as YouTube, where they can see and practice their moves without any hindrances. First, let them put in their steps and slowly, they would try to imitate the ones shown on the screen and who knows, they might become the rockstars of tomorrow.

Prep them for Culinary Delights

Get your little chefs involved in the kitchen with simple recipes. Their tummies would always be craving for good food, so why not let them be a part of making it? They know their tastes – be it sweet, spicy or sour. Ask them to recreate a recipe by chipping in their special ingredients. And see the mixed reactions on their faces.

Enter a Movie Marathon

At this time, the streaming platforms are there for your rescue to deviate the child’s attention for a while. Pick out their favorite characters and allow them to binge for some time while you carry out your other tasks. Alternatively, you can add fun to this activity by asking your kids to narrate a different version of the story or enact their favorite moment.

When the children study or engage themselves in games or fun activities, let them learn to keep kid’s room interiors neat and tidy. Each of them makes their bed as the first activity after getting up in the morning. Do not allow them to stay locked in their room for a long time. Appreciate and encourage children for their good works and small innovative efforts.