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Advantages of Customized Modular Kitchen

February 03, 2018


Modular kitchen has gained widespread acclaim in India towards the birth of 21st century. The people were in need of a better space-utilizing design for kitchen to match with their modern lifestyle. Modular kitchen seemed like an ideal solution for the issue; therefore, it easily caught the society’s attention. However, people faced troubles when the popular models failed to fit in perfectly at their space. It was at this point, clients realized the necessity of customized modular kitchen.

It was not easy at first; everyone had to depend solely on local craftsmen to get it done. But, due to the lack of expert help in designing, the method fizzled and did not produce the expected outcome in most cases. At Present, things have changed. A number of well-known interior design firms came forward with an alternate option, customized modular kitchen cabinets as per requirement. In other words, you can get rid of the hassles and issues, these people will work on your needs and create matching layouts. Just sit and relax while they prepare the design and suggest the modifications and improvements.

Key Advantages of a Customized Modular Kitchen

1)   High storage Capacity as per your Needs

Customized modular kitchen offers more provisions and thus maximum storage capacity. Major advantage of the customization is that you can decide on the storage as per the family’s needs. In fact, you can increase or decrease the space and cabins as per your budget. Normally, modular kitchens have lower and upper cabinets, designed to enhance comfort and convenience. The large and heavy items can be stored in the lower cabinets whilst the items, which you need frequently, can be stored in the upper ones.

2)   Add Facilities as per Choice

A Customized modular kitchen with matching home appliances boosts the aesthetic elegance. The benefit of custom-made modular kitchen is its ability to incorporate provision for refrigerator, washing machine, brooms, plates and cups, vessels and utensils, containers and jars, wastebasket etc. conveniently as per your needs.

Customization offers better chances for you to add more facilities for your convenience. For instance, a breakfast counter would serve your needs; at the same time, if it does matches with the overall theme, it could enhance the interiors look. Likewise, many things can be added to a customized modular kitchen without affecting the core theme. Contact a famous interior design firm in your town to explore more options.

3)   Utilize the Whole Space

Better and maximum space utilization is another advantage of customized modular kitchen. Considering the space limits in today’s world, it is not a point that everyone could easily ignore, mainly the urban populace. Customized modular kitchen designs are prepared considering various aspects, the area measurements and floor plan are crucial parts in it. Therefore, even a small and narrow area can be shaped to a well-equipped and fully functional Kitchen. The perfect usage of lofts and other cabinets helps to explore the whole space under the roof.

Customized Modular kitchen can be designed in different shapes and styles; L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, island kitchen, straight and parallel kitchens etc. are some of the most popular ones. An expert could easily help you to pick one that best suits the space. The designers can customize it further to incorporate your own ideas. Apart from this, the process eliminates the entire chances for misfit.

4)   Make as per Budget

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When you plan for home interiors, budget is most important, as it should be affordable. At the same time, even if money is not an issue, some clients believe in minimalist approach. For example, not all of us require a highly expensive cabin with the acrylic finish or premium built-in appliances like oven or dishwasher. Some of us may have other plans in mind. Everyone will be having different needs and a different budget to spend. Therefore, the best way to limit or expand spending to the things you require most is customization. The method allows you to choose things as per your budget. In other words, a client has freedom to add or remove items and facilities in modular kitchen.

5)   Choose Your Favorite Color Combinations

In order to maintain the natural aura, the color combinations play a crucial role. The place where you cook needs to be well themed to enjoy the time you spend there. Unlike built-in modular kitchen, the custom-made version offers the option to choose your favorite color themes and layouts. For smaller kitchen, brighter colors are more suited. Likewise, for large and open kitchen dark colors are preferred. Effective usage of color themes could bring a natural charm to the interiors.

It is otherwise difficult to find kitchen cabinets in matching shades that blends in with the overall theme of home interiors. However, customized modular kitchen could easily solve the issue for you. It allows you to make cabins or other appliances in the color pattern you like, so that the right combination augments the elegance.

6)   Easy Maintenance

Modular kitchen maintenance is easy with quality materials. It may be made of hardwood MDF, plywood or combination of both. Lamination of these materials protects them from damage and make long-lasting. Every part of a modular kitchen is easy to clean and can be replaced in the event of a damage, without affecting the other parts.

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