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How much is Your Budget for Interior Furnishing?

July 01, 2016

It is a straight question to the one who is planning to do home interiors in Kerala for a house or flat: How much is your budget for interior furnishing? After you get keys to your new apartment or villa, you know that interior works needs to be done before you can move into it. Something that suits the best to the flat or house, something that fits in the budget, something that is of real value for money – these are the 3 requisites of anyone approaching an interior design company in Kerala. Consciousness about quality, durability and beauty are essentially required for anyone to avoid getting into a wrong place or get away from wrong choices. Having specific ideas in mind before starting avoids overruns. If you are bringing a professional to your project, it will be better.

How to Decide Your Budget for Interior?

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Size Matters:

Interior designing is a complex task and involves various aspects, from choosing the right furniture to adding accessories, the cost of interior design is largely determined by the extent of work required. The cost of designing and furnishing depend directly upon the size of flat or house. Number of bed rooms, size of kitchen, bed rooms and living, dining etc. influences the scope of interior works.

Purpose is important:

Consider the purpose of making the flat ready; is it for own use or to lease out for long term? It will be helpful to set up your budget for interiors as per the requirement. If it is to lease a furnished house/ flat, most essential and economic works would be desired.

Ask others in circle:

You can ask friends or relatives those who have done interiors earlier for more information on budget required. Visit a completed flat or house of a friend or relative and check the works done and amount spent on it. You may also check the quality of works, materials used and finishes as the price depends mostly on quality.

Get professional assistance:

Approach a few interior design companies by specifying your ideas and the requirements in detail and get an estimate. Suggest a budget you can afford and see what you get from them. Let the interior design company make the complete plan and drawing as per the discussions. Let them give a detailed estimate for the complete works of design, production and installation. Compare this estimate with the amount that you actually planned to spend.

Check your pocket: 

See how much amount you have kept for furnishing after spending a lot of money on making the house or buying a flat. If on a bank loan or borrowed money, it is better to limit the works to most essential furniture. You can always add some additional furniture in the future, when you have more money to spare.

What does the heart say?

Before setting a budget for interiors, decide what you actually want to do inside. Is it really required to spend a lot or to do only the essential furniture? What do the other family members say on the requirements? After evaluating all the options, it is important to come to a compromise between your own desires and the wishes of other family members. Then, you need to establish a budget that meets all these criteria.

Low, Medium and High Budgets


Assuming that you have basic amenities in your flat, villa or house at Kerala and by keeping in mind all the above things, a professional interior designer can help you with low, medium and high budgets.

Low budget

Low budget for interior ranges from Rs 3 Lakhs to Rs 4 Lakhs according to your suitable designs. It includes kitchen furnishing and 3-door wardrobe for three rooms best suited for a medium 3BHK flat. Kitchen furnishings includes cabinets both overhead and bottom of standard size, hood and Hob. Some usual kitchen accessories like baskets, trays, waste bin, detergent holder, pullouts etc. are also available. These furnishings are adequate if you are planning to let the flat or house for rent or preparing to do rest of furnishing in future.

Medium Budget

In a medium budget, you can get furnishing for kitchen, three bedrooms, living room and dining room. Total budget may range from Rs 5 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs in this case. It is sufficient for a small family looking for essential furnishing for their home. Kitchen furnishings will be as per the exact measurement with basic requirements taken care. Three bedrooms are furnished with cot having bottom storage, side tables and a 3-door wardrobe. Living room furnishing may include a TV display unit and a shoe rack. Dining room comes with a 6-seater dining table set. This budget is suitable for apartments and villas having area between 1400 to 1800 square feet. Look into everything essential package to have better picture of it before consulting an interior designer.

High Budget

High budget for interior comes with high expectations, and more detailed furnishing. Flats or houses ranging 2000 square feet may need high budget interiors. When someone spends Rs75 lakh on buying a flat or making a house, the owner may opt for high cost interiors Starting from Rs 10 Lakh. Detailed plan for kitchen, bedroom, living, and dining areas can be made by exact measurement. In high budget cases, works can be divided into core furnishing and soft furnishing and beautification.

Same quality of materials, design, production, and implementation service is expected by anyone with low, medium or high budgets. It is only the number of items, sizes and detailing that keeps increases by expanding the budget. Having a detailed plan and an accurate budget are the first steps towards designing an interior that is pleasing to the eye and to the pocket. The most important idea before starting a home interior project is to consider the budget for interior furnishing in Kerala, have specific ideas in mind, and bring professional interior designers in Kerala to the project to ensure quality, durability, and beauty.