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How to Create and Maintain a Laundry Room at Home

October 23, 2020

A laundry room is one of the smallest but busiest areas in a home. It is where all the action related to cleaning, drying and ironing of clothes happens. Creating a separate laundry room in a small house could be difficult. But if there is an extra space available or a provision to include one, then there are certain factors to consider. Here we are sharing a few tips on how to create and maintain a laundry room in your home:

Get and Set the Right Location for Laundry

Try to choose a room that gets maximum natural light. It will not only brighten up the area but it will be convenient to dry and air clothes. Whether you set it beside kitchen or in an informal work area, ensure that there is at least one window for easy light and air circulation, besides the entrance. Check whether the room has access to a water tank and provisions can be made for the water outlet and inlet. See if there is enough space to hang-dry clothes.

Plan the Space and Storage Facilities

Laundry room at home

Before you fill the room with laundry equipment and other utility items, assess the size of the room and plan how you are going to place and organize the things. See where you can plug-in the washing machine. Similarly, if you have a separate tumble dryer, check if it can be put anywhere closer to the former machine. Have cabinets or shelves built to store detergents, soaps, scrubber and other clothes cleaning products. Consider selecting a spot for ironing clothes, if space is available.

Consider Space Saving Solutions

 If it is a small room, try to utilize all the available spaces in the maximum way. Allot one side of the room only for cabinets, leaving the rest of the area for the washing machine and ironing board. Or, build overhead or fix wall-hanging shelves, above the machine; which will actually give you some moving space.  A foldable, clothes drying stand or a dry rod fixed on the wall will be helpful similarly. One can even utilize the back of the door or window grills to fix clothes pegs or hangers.

Invest in Energy Star Certified Appliances

Don’t compromise on the quality and always choose branded appliances. It is advisable to buy energy star certified products; even if it means paying extra. Such appliances are safer, energy-saver, reliable and have high performance with a very low chance of risk. It will be truly a good investment and bring value to your money.

Keep up with Maintenance & Cleanliness

Laundry room is for cleanliness and hygiene of one’s clothes. So, it is extremely essential to take regular care and maintenance of the room and the appliances within. Dusting and mopping of the room will keep dust and germs at bay. Ensure to clean and service the washing machine and dryer once in a while. It will help to maintain its smooth running condition and durability. Don’t ignore the windows and door of the room and make sure to clean them on a regular basis as well.