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How to Decorate Double-Height Living Rooms

October 22, 2022

Decorating a double height room needs a lot of work and to bring in some attention and aesthetic sense to it is even harder. If your home is blessed with double-height living rooms, here are some ways to take advantage of the airy interiors and have an amazing living space.

Creating a Focal Wall and Displaying ArtLIVING AREA 3D VIEW 03

One of the main disadvantages of having double-height living rooms is that there is a lot of space wasted which could have been used for creating a more functional area. But imagine a focal wall art or a floor-to-ceiling ethnic wall painting in your living room. Or even, hang a huge art piece. Wouldn’t it look great? It makes a stunning showstopper on a double-height living space that imparts visual depth. A tall painting makes every person visiting your home lookup giving the sense of the height of the place. You can also add modern 3D art installations for a dramatic flair in the entire space.

Add More Functions

No matter how huge some homes are, some homes with double-height living rooms have their staircases away from the living space. You can bring the staircase back to the living room and create a gigantic appearance for your place. Also, why not incorporate a bookshelf or a storage space along with it? One of the ways in which a double-height space can be utilized is by having a sensible storage space. It gives a sophisticated look and also helps in the efficient utilization of the double height.
Also, stay close to nature by adding plants. Plants in the living give a strong feeling of always being with nature. They are also beneficial to have around the home. Plants like snake plants, spider plants, peace lilies, and ferns, help in the purification of air in the house. Installing tall plants gives the illusion of space and makes the space look fresh, and big and mentally makes you even fresher.

Extend Wooden Elements and Rich Colors

Colors and wooden touches play a major role in elevating the look of the space. Go for wooden wall paneling for an element of warmth and a luxurious ambience. You can also accentuate your space with small lighting ideas to highlight the wooden design. Having wooden elements not only gives warmth and earthiness but also gives an illusion of oneness in the living space. Rich colors and textures in the sofa or other furniture add drama and a creative color palette to the double-height living room. Introduce rich colors like shades of brown, red, yellow, blue and a few others. If adding woodwork seems expensive, you can opt for wooden laminates that give the exact same feel as the woodwork. You can entrust a professional interior design company to create the perfect space of your dream.

Add Chandeliers

Want to add a versatile and bold touch to your living room? Just add a chandelier! If your living room is large and if you’re ready to take your lighting options to the next level, adding a chandelier creates a beautiful effect. A chandelier is so underrated in modern-day double-height living rooms but it has so many advantages. They are luxurious and rich. Use the chandeliers near the seating area to set up the mood and create a focal point. You can either go for a chandelier or an ultra-modern pendant to complete the look of your living room. Consider using overhead recessed lights to further bring the space to life. Take the help of specialists in apartment interior works to achieve these kinds of results effortlessly.