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Fresh Home Garden Ideas for Indian Homes

March 13, 2020

home garden ideas

If your home-plot does not have enough free space or front yards and backyards, that should not end your desire for growing your own plants and veggies. While some can grow plants in small pots or containers, there are many Indian homes, which do not have even a little spare space to light up your landscaping ideas. Here are some home garden ideas for you to experience all the benefits of having a garden with an indoor garden setup, no matter where you live. Beautifying the house, enjoying spare time with nature in your enchanted garden are the real benefits of this extension of home interiors.

Use your Balcony

If you are creative enough, decorate your apartment balcony space with plants and hangers. This is indeed an amazing decorating idea where one can enjoy the open space and make use of sunlight. Use hanging planters, keep pots, or even, place a container box with your favorite vegetable garden that grows all year round. The best type of vegetable to grow is tomato plants, and root vegetables using raised beds or garden planters, and other fruit trees.

Make more space by fixing planters to the walls, placing pots on shelves of the balcony space, or you can even hang baskets to grow your own vegetables. If the balcony space has harsh sunlight, avoid indoor plants. Bougainvillea, ferns, orchids, and geranium are best for your sunny garden.

Teacup Herb Garden

Everyone loves having herbs and flowers around and it’s nice to grow fresh plants in your own kitchen. A teacup garden is a perfectly clever way for Indian homes. Herbs grow well in the Indian climate and there is nothing that matches the Indian cooking with some fresh little herbs! These indoor home garden ideas can be done by simply using a teacup or a small container planted with herbs. Because these containers don’t have any drainage to let out the water, water should be sprayed every day to keep the herbs alive and fresh. A kitchen window with direct sunlight is a great place to put them and use them in your cooking.

Think Vertical

Vertical gardening has really been well accepted over the past few years. Vertical gardens can be set up just about anywhere and are perfect if you live in an apartment and have a limited space. The idea can be looked up similar to that of high-rise buildings. Vertical gardening takes inspiration from elements of a living wall. Any of the indoor or outdoor spaces can be shed into a decorative living wall with small plant pots and baskets. This is one of the best Indoor gardening hack designs for small spaces and best fits your home.

Go Tropical


Turn an inner courtyard to a wow factor! An Indoor courtyard garden with palms and ferns add super contemporary drama all the while helping retain moisture. Position a modular sofa or furniture with patio slabs and make the setting a super-sociable seating and a contemporary garden look. Go ahead to even creating miniature tropical forests or Zen gardens if you like the green!

Through the window

This is the most creative indoor garden design idea of the year. If you are less in indoor space and if you want to grow a plant, a window-side container garden is the best spot to have some green leaves. Assuming that your window gets enough light, there are many plants to relish the idea of an indoor gardening design. Framing the windows with plants creates a clean and aesthetically pleasing view, which is always colorful. The orientation of windows to get direct sun will let plants grow well along with meeting a plant’s care requirements. Leafy plants provide privacy screening and ensure there is shade.

These indoor home garden ideas are curated to save you time, money, and energy. If you are dedicated and willing, it can definitely spruce up your home interior design game. Remember that consistent small efforts, every day is essential to ensure maintaining a home garden successfully.  Grow some real life and thus boost up the flow of oxygen into the house.