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How Do You Make Use of Kitchen Corners?

November 27, 2020

Corners are one of the most underestimated areas of a house. A very less known fact is that they can turn out to be quite resourceful, if given a good thought process. For maximum utilization of available kitchen space, one must have proper and smart planning in place first. Our article here will help you to make an effective and the best use of the kitchen corners.

Install Corner Cabinets for Excess Storage

There is a wide range of corner cabinets available in the market, in different sizes, styles, textures and colors. Corner cabinets or shelves can be beneficial in storing small boxes of essential spices, pulses, sugar, salt, etc. which are used frequently. Likewise, you can use covered cabinets to store (or hide) things that are not useful such as old newspapers or magazines or occasionally used items like detergents, clothes or utensils, washing soaps, phenol, etc. Alternatively, you can use open corner cabinets to add a touch of beauty to your kitchen by placing indoor plants or art pieces.  

Fix a Swinging Pull-Out Accessory

It is perhaps the most functional and trending option in recent times. A swinging pull-out kitchen shelf or cabinet makes the optimal use of a limited space. The idea behind such a unit is to have a multi-purpose cabinet that can accommodate different types of pull-out racks inside and create maximum storage for kitchen utilities. It is elegant and allows neat arrangement of grocery boxes, which are avoided from being seen by direct eyes.

Implement Corner Pantry Drawers

This is yet another interesting option for a corner pantry unit. You can fix this below the cooking counter where the corners meet. Corner drawers are easy to use as well as look pleasing. One can also modify them further by including smaller pull-out shelves inside, to accommodate more items.

Discover an Extra Sitting Space for Quick Dining

One of the common and easy options to utilise kitchen corners is by making a small sitting space within the area. It is often helpful for having breakfast in the kitchen or to make short written notes or for cutting veggies and fruits. Thus, although there is a separate dining room available, this corner is surely useful to serve a quick meal to the children.

Fix Upper-Cabinets and Floating Shelves

Upper cabinets and floating shelves bring an appealing and compact feel to the kitchen. It is best for utilising the kitchen walls in an effective manner. It helps to keep everything organised, neat and beautiful. For upper cabinets, you have the option to have closed or without doors cabinets, cabinets with sliding glass doors, wooden door shelves and so on. Floating shelves are useful for keeping items that you can reach out quickly and frequently or for placing photo frames, plants or antique pieces.

Lastly, before you do kitchen interiors, it is advisable to seek help or suggestions from the experts. Professional interior designers help the clients to select the right types of kitchen cabinets and accessories suitable for the room and space. They can help to make use of kitchen corners and discarded spaces efficiently and elegantly.