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Kerala House Interiors Experts

July 11, 2014


A peaceful life is every one’s desire, be it in a big or small house. Harmony within and between the beings brings abundant joy. Place where we live, its calmness, beauty, conveniences, color theme and facilities surely contribute to wellness. When you build a house, or buy a flat, advice from an expert interior designer may be quite essential. To conceive an idea, see some plans, go through some furniture options and create a unique theme, their help would be required. Experience makes the difference and for many of us a house or flat would be the first attempt. Therefore, house interiors experts in this field can advise us on using the space in the most accurate way with maximum storage, and bring the very modern styles to make impressive house interiors.

Interiors for Independent Houses, Group Villas and Flats at Kerala

A complete transformation of a bare space giving it life with suitable furniture and decoration is what we specialize in. This company has the strength of more than 600 permanent employees to plan and execute interiors of group villas, bungalows and flats all over Kerala. Modular kitchen, wardrobes, bedrooms, dining, display units, decoration units, sofa set etc are designed in accordance with space and requirements. In addition to this, partitions, curtains and blinds, wallpapers, decorative paints works are also done. Those who reside in would be completely satisfied with their achievement of a beautiful home. Visitors would be fascinated and drawn to the immaculate style of arranging everything in passionate order. Planning and implementation is safe in the hands of Kerala house interiors experts with an experience of 15 years and success stories of more than 8000 residential projects.

Carefully Customized Design by Experienced People

Beautiful house interior is an inspiration to live a meaningful life with a sense of achievement. As Kerala house interiors experts, creative and unique styles of designs that fit perfectly to the space are what D’LIFE means by customization. Members of an experienced team of designers in our offices visit the site, take measurements, and prepare the initial drawings to discuss improvements or alterations for each project. 3 to 4 or more revisions and modifications to arrive at the right solution after discussions will surely give the desired result.

Show Rooms in South India

Convenience is what every customer looks for. D’LIFE has branches and fully furnished show rooms at 12 prime locations in Kerala, Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore. This enables customers to visit and explore the collection of furniture and themes. It also makes it easy for our team members to visit the sites for measurements and implementation. Every branch has, designers and administrators to take care of client’s requirements right from the time of inquiry.

Design, Production and Installation in 35-45 Working Days

D’LIFE undertakes a complete contract of designing, production, and execution. Whole work can be completed within 35-45 days of agreement. Being the Kerala house interiors experts, D’LIFE ensures complete satisfaction of the house owner by providing the best quality in modern style. Reference of existing customers is a main source of our new work orders. We at D’LIFE provide the best services and supports at all stages of our discussions and contract. Same as a smile on the face is a reflection of happiness within, beautiful home interiors exhibits the nature and quality of people living in. So choose the experts to get it done the best.