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Stylish Home Interior Design in Mangalore that Bring an Aura of Sophistication

May 31, 2022

As a canvas to an artist, this home interior design in Mangalore Karnataka was up to us on how we wanted to do it. As per the client, it was a workspace which required safe, comfortable and functional little spaces while adding beauty and elegance to the home. The living room which is situated to the front door is distinct formal with wooden paneling, the rest of the space of the home too, has sophisticated interiors with a thoughtful lighting scheme that function better and further adds the impression of space and light.

A Spacious Contemporary Living

living room home interior design Mangalore (7)

The living is an exquisite cozy space that accommodates the whole family comfortably. The key to bringing this gorgeous living space to life is adding new layers and tones. The living room is a space where we have injected color, texture and form into the room and it has indeed added a unique character to the space. The large L shape sofa and the wall paneling are elegant and inviting.

Cozy and Vibrant Dining

The dining area of this home interior design in Mangalore lies adjacent to the living room and features a custom design. Here, we have a four-seat rectangular dining table surrounded by matching chairs of beige upholstery. The hanging lights play a crucial role here, as it adds a bit of vibrancy to the space; it was planned even before the design was finalized.

Stylish Bedrooms

There are three bedrooms, two of which share the similar design aesthetics and structural profiles. The master bedrooms design features a warm and cozy wooden finish such as wall paneling, wardrobe and side table cum bookshelf. In the master bedroom to the right of the bed, a sliding window provides a beautiful view of the outdoors. We have also added white curtains to always let light in and add a hint of playfulness. The bedroom interior design also has a white-tone recliner which serves as a relaxation spot here.

kids room home interior design Mangalore (6)

The kid’s bedroom design is generously designed to be relaxed and cosseting as the client and family wanted it to be a serene space. It also features a south-Indian-style four-poster bed. The furnishings and decor, dominated by shades of purple play a big role in elevating the aesthetic of the space. A study unit is also there in the bedroom. The dramatic design of this bedroom makes anyone’s breath away both figuratively and literally.

The second bedroom carries forward the same elegance and detail, as the master bedroom. The bedroom has a wardrobe design which skirts a large section of the room. Yet again, the wooden accessories and lighting add elements of warmth. A customized wardrobe unit, along the wall, in a cement finish scheme, is very functional with its multiple cabinets and drawers.

Crisp & Elegant Kitchen

modular kitchen home interior design Mangalore (4)

The clients wanted a functional modular kitchen for their home interior design in Mangalore. Considering their heavy-duty use, we have made a parallel kitchen design. The parallel kitchen design has a combination of grey, white and wooden theme. In the kitchen, the cabinetry is played and accented with LED lighting on the bottom.