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Track Lighting for Modern Homes

May 24, 2022

Track lighting plays an important role in modern home interiors. It is very easy to install and is the perfect option of illumination for your favorite galleries, studios and unique architecture. Moreover, along with its contemporary sophisticated outlook, it offers great design and functional benefits. Here’s everything you need to know about track lighting and why you need to have them in your home.

Why You Need Track Lighting track lighting for modern homes

There’s an endless number of ways you can use track lighting in your home. From your decorative shelf, home library and to your garage, track lighting can be placed anywhere to compliment your lifestyle. The convenience it offers, and the ability to adjust the angles and point it to the spots where you need more light make it perfect for a well-executed space. They are also the perfect form of lighting if you want to illuminate artwork, decor elements or photos on the walls. You can also position track lights to illuminate the dark spaces of a room. It brings a museum-like atmosphere to your home without making too much effort.

Track lighting is also an energy saver. Since they can be wired independently, a track when not in use can be left off or dimmed. Moreover, since these tracks are not heavy, they can be easily mounted on a hollow surface. Like all the light fixtures and design elements, track lighting has its ups and downs. The one bad thing about track lighting is that since they are hung low from the ceiling, they often tend to create a visual obstruction in small spaces. Ceilings which are 9 feet below are not suitable for track lamps.

Where to Place Track Light Fixtures

Track lighting can be fixed on the ceilings. Even a simple straight track that highlights the artworks, decor at the walls or even the home furnishings makes a room elegant. Consider installing track lighting 20 to 40 inches away from the walls. Rooms with higher ceilings make the spaces free from any interference of doors, or other room elements.

Types of Track Fixtures

1. Standard Linear Track
The most common type of track lighting we use is this straight linear track which is usually mounted to the ceiling. This follows a linear style and is particularly good for narrow spaces. It is mounted directly on the ceiling and is one of the easiest fixtures to install. It consists of a strip of a track with lights which can be moved along the track as per our lighting requirements. The Linear Track fixture can be easily fitted to the ceiling with screws and other electrical components and is a perfect choice for homes that would like to carry elegance.

2. Monorail Lighting
The monorail lighting setup is a distinct feature that can be angled or shaped for the homeowner’s desired outlook. This track light fixture can be held from the ceiling and is super adaptable and thin, offering a neat contemporary style look. They are ideal for homes looking for the ability of individually repositioning and adjusting each light head as well as the illumination in the rooms depending on the design of the space.

3. Cable Lighting
The cable fixture has a distinct appearance and is often hung from the ceiling with wires and elongated screws. The distinctive appearance it brings makes it a favorite for those looking for a raw lighting upgrade. The fixture works as a single circuit application and is ideal for illumination.