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Different Types of Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

May 20, 2021

Searching for the perfect lighting fixture for your home can often be a daunting task. There are hundreds of options of light fixtures for your home. Some with different quality, style and budget, that you would spend hours just looking at when you walk into a store. From statement-making light pieces to simple fixtures, it’s one of the major decisions to make when it comes to your home interiors. But in the end, it’s always worth it when you find the light fixture that is the right style for your home.

Recessed Lights

recessed lighting for home

Recessed lights are concealed lights installed on a false ceiling. Usually in the form of downlight, recessed lighting can be used effectively in any room of the home. Used for both general lighting and as accent lights, over task areas, or as décor, recessed lighting adds style, color and an architectural glow to the rooms with its increased and more spread out illumination. With its clean, streamlined star like characteristics, you can also use recessed lighting as part of your living room decoration. This kind of lighting comes with different styles like eyeball, splay, reflector, baffles, open, and decorative.

Under cabinet Lights

This is popular as task lighting in a kitchen and is mostly used as a mood enhancer. Under the cabinet is more of a concentrated light. It is meant to help you with a finer light for cooking, writing and reading. It is designed to help you see more details with less glare or shadow-effect when you work. Great for adding a certain style element, under cabinet lighting as kitchen light fixtures can also provide both functional and attractive elements to a kitchen. The contemporary, clean feel of the lighting makes it versatile for contemporary home interior styles and a good light source. LED light strips are a great option for under cabinet lighting.


Pendants often serve many purposes. Much like a chandelier, pendant lights are mostly used to add an additional set of lighting for a particular area. The pendant light can also be suspended from the ceiling. They hang low, usually over a kitchen island, or a table to provide ambient, task light. The pendant makes for a very attractive task of décor for a room. It is perfect as it allows you to produce the desired pattern light without adding sconces or changing bulbs.

Wall sconces

wall scones lighting fixtures for home

Wall sconces lighting is surface-mounted to the wall. They are typically put up with covers or shades to direct light downwards or upwards. With its flexibility and common ease of use, wall sconces makes proper use of lighting and is one of the best lighting fixtures for your home. Majorly known for its versatility, task lighting, and ambient lighting nature, wall sconces definitely add a design appeal to rooms.

 Floor & Table Lamps

Unlike the other lightings, floor and table lamp lighting fixtures for your home come in a wide range of design schemes and styles. They would also fit any of the corners in your house. Mostly used for reading nooks, fireplaces or built-ins, they provide direct light as task lighting and are perfect for open space areas to bring a pleasant impression.


Suspended from the ceiling, chandeliers are set to add a decorative style to rooms. Typically set in the foyer or the living room, chandeliers provide ambient lighting. Usually if requested, interior designers or contractors can help homeowners find the best-suited style of chandeliers for a house depending on the style and budget.