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Actor Kalabhavan Shajon’s Home in Kochi Is Truly Unique and Special

February 11, 2023

Mr Kalabhavan Shajohn approached D’LIFE to merge his two independent apartments and convert them into a 4 BHK modern home in Kochi. Rather than emulating the existing design style of the original apartment, the project now follows a distinct contemporary design language, creating a space that is timelessly contemporary with interesting woodwork and decor.

The Distinct Informal Living

actor Kalabhavan Shajon’s home

As one walks in, they are greeted by a visual experience across the entire floor. With custom furnishings, decor, luxurious materials and textures, our interior designers in Kochi made sure that client’s highest expectations were met through our very own design, production and execution systems. The entrance to the living room is marked by a foyer with a partition unit. Contributing to the space that the homeowners had wanted, this area can even accommodate a small gathering if needed. The walls and ceilings in the room have been kept white with accent lights to amplify height and emphasize the sense of space. The furniture chosen in the living space of this home in Kochi is contemporary art deco pieces.

Dining That Evokes a Sense of Seamlessness

The dining area, though separate from the living area, has a sense of seamlessness and aligns with the flow. With custom-made tables and chairs that embrace simple lines and neutral tones, this dining room exudes the energy of a timeless sanctuary in a modern setting. The table and chairs stand on a rectangular layout with a distinguished carpet on the floor. Talking about the different treatments, the chairs have a pastel pink shade, while a crockery unit elevates the space further.

Sleek and Contemporary Kitchen

The kitchen, situated on the right side of the space, contrasts with the lighter tone of the living areas. We have also added a bar unit next to the kitchen with dark inserts that let in ample natural light since it adopts an open concept. The apartment, being a conversion, offered ample space which we wanted to make the most of. The kitchen is equipped with a hood and hob and other cooking ranges set on a white granite counter. An island counter in white sits in the centre and we have also added a breakfast counter, flanked by pink tall stools, providing a nice contrast to the crisp, white walls and grey cabinets of the kitchen.

Stylish and Luxurious Home Theatre

Of course, the most striking element in the room is the seating. The home theatre room has well-rested seating for creating a truly relaxing space. With this space, actor Kalabhavan Shajon’s home in Kochi meets the comforts of day-to-day living while providing the luxuries of a weekend retreat. The home theatre room also has a surround sound system inside and sound-absorbing panels on the walls. It is an aesthetically pleasing space with elements that complement each other. It is a space that will give any movie theatre a run for its money.

Bedrooms That Lend a Degree of Lightness and Modernity

actor Kalabhavan Shajon’s luxury home in kochi

When it comes to the sleeping areas, the home gets three bedrooms. The position of master bedroom is in such a way that it provides privacy. We have also crafted dressing units and super-functional wardrobe design for bedroom. Along with bedrooms for the couple and their children, Mr Shajon’s home in Kochi also has a guest bedroom, providing a much more practical layout. In this children’s bedroom, we have added study units and interesting elements of texture to make an elegant statement.

Actor Kalabhavan Shajon’s home now  has a feeling of openness, and the design narrative is extremely contemporary and timeless. The contemporary and timeless elements of the home successfully bring together the family’s modern lifestyle. It also gets the level of practicality they have been longing for with a modernistic, yet elegant aesthetic.