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9 Flooring Ideas for Indian Homes

March 29, 2022

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One of the crucial questions that arise when building a house is about the type of flooring to be used to ensure style and durability. From natural options to artificial, there are a plethora of flooring ideas that can be used for Indian homes. Here are some most popular flooring options best suited for you.


Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, marble is the go-to material for many Indians. The luxury and opulence it brings make it look stunning in any setting. The material is easy to maintain and highly porous and can last more than one’s lifetime with on-time maintenance. Due to its natural occurrence and luxury lifestyle aesthetics, setting a marble flooring can be a bit costly. The flooring is available in a variety of colors including grey, white and pink.

Natural Stone

Stones are widely used in India as a flooring option for both indoor and outdoor. Though the color options are limited, they are affordable and can withstand heavy footfall. Natural stone is one of popular flooring ideas in India as it brings down the temperature of the home in hot as well as humid areas. It is the perfect option if you are looking for something to glam up a space. Stone flooring is suitable for any climate making it another favorite go-to flooring option.

Wooden Laminate

Wooden Laminate is the inexpensive counterpart of pure wood flooring. Though it has been present for a very long time, it has been getting popularity in India as it is fairly resistant to stains. It is fairly easy to install and gives a true wood appearance. Wooden laminates offer a variety of options like walnut, pine, pecan etc. The only drawback to laminate flooring is that it can get slippery when wet. This type of flooring material is often used to get the feel of a luxury home interiors.

Vitrified Tile

Vitrified Tile is one of the popular and one of the favorite flooring options in India. This is cheaper than stones and wood and is available in a wide range of colors and finishes. It is made of clay and other minerals like quartz, silica and feldspar which are baked at high temperatures. Vitrified tile is used in both interior and exterior applications and is available in gloss, matte and anti-skid finish. These types of tiles are affordable, easy to install, easy to maintain and durable


Vinyl is a stylish alternative to the expensive flooring options in India. It is durable and is strain as well as water-resistant as it is made from a layer of PVC plastic. This type of flooring holds moisture and heavy traffic and is typically warmer and more comfortable on bare feet than tiles. It is also being used for the wall paneling to beautify the houses.


Granite has been the status symbol for many Indian households. It is widely used throughout India and is one of the most expensive floorings. Granite is a naturally occurring stone that can bring a unique set of sophistication. The stone is easy to maintain and keeps a cool temperature throughout the house. They are well suited for both indoor and outdoor and can withstand heavy weather conditions.


Mosaic flooring is made up of granite and marble chips that are placed in concrete. It is easy to maintain, highly durable and is a great everyday option. The greatest benefit is the design possibilities, they can be found with pre-set patterns of rectangular, square, or hexagonal shapes and just like any flooring installation, mosaic is as durable and waterproof. One of the drawbacks to Mosaic is its installation process. It is always advisable to have an experienced flooring professional do the work for you.


Concrete is among the most durable forms of flooring and if it is properly installed and maintained, it can last for as long as you own the house. With the proper application, Concrete can make some of the most elegant and colorful floors you have ever seen as its design options are remarkably diverse.

Red Oxide

Oxide flooring is a traditional flooring option in India. Introduced in the Southern part of India by Portuguese and Italian traders, this soon spanned to the whole of India. Red oxide floors are most popular flooring ideas for Indian homes as it suitable in warm and tropical climates; and they quickly gained immense popularity mainly due to their durable and cost-efficient features. They are easy to maintain and are much loved by even the new age homeowners for its elegant and timeless look.