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4 Living Room Designs that are Worth Giving Attention

April 03, 2020

Are you looking for new living room designs to choose the best? Take a look at these interesting living rooms that match the aspirations of modern minds. Whether you just need a finishing touch for your home renovation or planning complete home interiors, a few ideas from the leaders in this segment are worth watching.

A Visual Delight



Contrary to the belief that new living room designs should be bright and light, this living space is dominated by grey and dark toned color schemes and blue furnishings. This contemporary living room consists of a TV unit and cabinets that sweeps through the entire length of the wall. It synchronizes beautifully with the wall and serves as a clean backdrop. Seamless finish of the unit makes the room visually larger and packs a visual punch. Moving away from the conventional white walls and furniture pieces this living room décor adopts minimalist designs with a tune. A single blue theme sofa lines the wall along with celebrity style club chairs bringing interest to the moody space.

This modern living space adopts an open layout and provides textural variety, which is fresh to the eyes. Note how the rug floor lamps work as a cozy reading corner. Walls, on the other hand, shine with a grey theme paint scheme. In addition to it, a false ceiling creates some visual stimulation. The room enjoys openness and thanks to this, the home has plenty of space to amplify the interior scheme and reflect daylight.

Invoke Positive Energy

living room trends in 2023

This living space is more than just a place for entertaining. A small splash of colors gives an energetic vibe to this space. Plants, lighting, and the living-dining partition balances the whole statement of this beautiful living space effortlessly and soften the overall palette. The benefits – the house looks more spacious than it is, passes natural light and encourages green living. Furniture’s and accessories are crafted in Hardwood MDF & Marne Ply and boasts a ton of decorating ideas for new homeowners and ones looking for home improvement design ideas. Just like this new living room design, any other small area, too, can be converted into a lively, contemporary space. All you need is a good interior designer in Kerala or Bangalore with artistic ability in creating functional spaces.

Woody and Contemporary 

A great way to make most of the small spaces is to demarcate areas and this stylish living space is one such example. Wooden accents and the use of furnishings explore the surface and at the same time make one focus less on the room size. Designers pack a visual interest and channel attention to the walls and the living room furniture, lending character to the muted space. Not only does the space boast a comfy seating, but the sectional sofa also acts as a room divider from the dining and open kitchen.

The balanced Living

Living room design 3bhk flat kochi

This long room starts with a sitting area that also has a customized TV unit, sofa set with throw pillow and coffee table. Glass doors in this area make a transparent separation from the dining room. Warm lights in this space offer a delicious contrast to the browns of the custom-made furniture. LED ceiling lights bring a certain warmth to this space flanking the L shaped sofa.

The walls of this living room are painted in a yellow color scheme. The living room features top design art deco. Wallpapers, the artistic bust on the coffee table, all lend a gravitas to the living space. One of the favorites in this living room is the pendant lights towards the corner that creates the perfect backdrop to the warm color palette in the foreground.

For more home designs and contemporary living room ideas check out- Living room interior design & new decor ideas. Choose from one of the contemporary living room designs and further customize as per requirement. Expert designers offer a lot of scope for planning, revisions, and visualization before the actual implementation.