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Is Wallpaper or Paint Better for Home Decor?

June 08, 2020

With the world of wall finishes and home decor becoming more and more customizable, the question arises during home decor and interior works as to how one can decorate their blank walls. Both the options of wall paint and wallpaper bring different decorative feel to the interiors, with some pros and cons. Both wallpaper and paint enhance appearances and create stunning backdrops. Nevertheless, before deciding, it is better to look at the aesthetics of the room. Depending on where you are planning to use them, they certainly create breathtaking views and personalize your home. So which is the right choice for your interior; let’s find out.

Wallpaper for Home Decor – Pros and Cons

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Wallpapers are available with a variety of patterns and combinations. From classics and wooden designs to the bold contemporary wallpaper patterns, wallpapers create a unique look for any feature wall. People who want to add a flamboyant interior prefer wallpapers with sceneries. Kid’s room looks fancy with wallpapers having designs of cartoon characters or other special interests. Most homeowners take advantage of mix and match and prefer to combine both paints and wallpapers to create a colorful home. The world of wallpaper design is inspired by each client’s needs and dreams. Therefore, it is always better to contact an interior designer or your trusted fashionista for exclusive design and home improvement ideas.

Wallpaper application, unlike painting, is much easier and odor-free. It is easy to maintain, easily cleaned and even adds an interesting appeal to luxurious master bedroom interiors. But, a simple scratch can permanently damage it and get peeled off compelling to remove wallpaper and replace the entire section. Applying wallpaper requires fixing imperfections, re-plastering walls and plugging holes and is not suitable for locations with a humid climate.

Wallpaper application is time-consuming and demands a lot of patience. Therefore, only an expert should take up its implementation. It further enhances the pain when you realize that new wallpaper cannot be applied onto a worn-out one. Though wallpapers are expensive than paint, considering it to be a one-time investment, and lasting longer making it a cost-effective method of creating a rejuvenating space. However, unlike paints, it can be a long-term partner for homes and lasts up to 15 years. The costs and durability however depend on the material quality. There are cheaper options as well, but they may not be as effective as the quality product. As far as the aesthetic value wallpapers bring to the interiors, it can create some amazing effects that are difficult to paint.

Wall Paint for Home Decor- Pros and Cons

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Painting is the oldest, cheapest and most popular method in decorating walls. One of the major benefits to choosing paint is it covers even the small imperfections in the walls. However, if the walls are damaged extensively, the entire wall needs repairing. Indian homes are so used to Painting walls. However, when we think of a painting job, the image of dust and smell comes to our mind. It is wiser to choose to paint if the home is old as certain areas might be damp.

Wall paint is available in almost all colors. You can even mix and match or even try texture paint until it satisfies your heart’s content. Oil-based paints take a few days to dry and complete and even tend to melt and form patches in a humid climate. With the variety of combinations and finishes such as satin, gloss, semi-gloss, and matte, it creates stunning effects and transforms the look. Paints are less fussy and are one of the easiest options to add a bit of liveliness to the interior walls. They are accommodating and are easier to fix.

Paint being an easily available resource is less costly in terms of skill, product, and effort. Good quality paints, depending on the Indian climate conditions can last up to 5 years. However, with time, they tend to fade or fall off with exposure to sunlight and rain.

Purpose of wallpaper and paints is to make the rooms look neat, new and impressive. Costly method is always good for some areas of the house. However, water leakage or termites attacks may spoil them. Paints, on the other hand, offer a limited spectrum of colors and textures and need to be touched up and reapplied more often. It is always a good idea to do as much research and planning before jumping onto the home decor. After all, it is your home and your taste that has to be reflected. Either way, the refined feel, and luxurious appeal of wallpaper and paint created when decorating the room are sure to transform the looks of any home interiors in Kerala or Bangalore.