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Let Positive Energy Rule Your Home

March 06, 2019


We can feel and experience positive energy around us; the same is about negative energy as well. Just like this, our home, the living space is also full of energy that is essential to keep up with life. In order to live a happy, comfortable, and prosperous life, our home should have the vibration of positive energy. In short, it should be a place that radiates a happy vibe in and all around us. Home should be a safe haven and one’s personal space that brings positive energy to both body and mind. Let us look at some wonderful ways to fill your home with positive energy.

Create Suitable Space

Creating space without cluttering your home interiors with big and unwanted furnishings and décor can bring in a positive and creative vibe to home. Imagine walking into a room that is full of furniture without a free space to walk around. Yes, it is not that intimidating either. Large furniture that takes up a lot of space can make you less motivated. It even blocks lighting. Hence, clear the furniture that is no longer used. The best way to spot them is to identify ones that are not being used for longer than a year. This can include cupboards, tables, broken chairs, and even painting on the wall.

Add Colors that Keep You Fresh

Add colors that are soothing and bright enough to spread light. Choose soothing colors that set your mood and personality. The choice of colors plays a prominent role in setting up the right mood and in creating a  positive atmosphere. White and its monochromes are believed to be the best and powerful color that brings positive energy in home. Use of dark colors such as black, maroon, and brown in large quantities can hold negative energy. Use such colors just enough to bring a balance or a spill of elegance. But remember, each color has its own unique aspects. The perfect shades of paints eradicate darkness and bring in light. As darkness is seen as a form of negative energy, good ambient lighting inside the house can make it free from negative energy.

Use Mirrors to Open Up Space

Position mirrors so they reflect energy throughout your home. Based on how well you use them, mirrors can deflect and activate energy elements. According to Feng-Shui principles, place mirrors perpendicular to the wall and not directly to the doors. However, in the case of bedrooms, this can energize the entire room excessively, which can alter one’s sleeping patterns.

Lighting and Air

Lighting is an important factor in attracting positive energy in the home. Providing dim light in rooms slows down vibration, which results in sluggishness and mounting up of negative energy. It is always best to open up your windows during the day and let the light and air pass through your home. However, during the night, switch to natural looking lights that do not make your eyes tired. Stay in touch with nature as it lets you be more peaceful and creates a more organic energy flow. Investing in an air purifier or houseplants like ferns or bamboo that does not require sunlight or frequent watering is the best possible option for urban areas. Some efforts in that direction can ensure proper alignment of 5 elements of life inside a house.

Spiritual Motif

Spiritual beliefs and positive energy happily coexist in any home. Combine them with wall decals or prayer units for a home full of positive vibrations.

Make the Bed and Furnishings Right


The way we arrange beds has a serious impact on daily life. Though decorating the bed with a different size of pillows can make it look good and elegant, at the end of the day it normally leaves you with less space to sleep. Even the concept of Vastu Shastra plays a prominent role.

According to the concept, it is believed that the Perfect place for the bed is towards the South or West wall. However, the bed in the guest room can have its head towards the west. The century-long traditional beliefs even point out that arranging furniture according to the concept can bring positive changes in life. However, in the case of old homes and ones with broken furniture, repairs should be done as promptly to let the energy flow without any restraint. Always make interior design for a house or flat with the help of an expert to make sure proper space utilization and furniture allocation.

Keep Clean

Home is undoubtedly a sacred place. It is where we feel nourished and prepare ourselves to experience life. Keeping space unclean can lead to physical sickness and can affect one’s emotional well being. Among all the spaces, the kitchen is the most important space that needs attention. An unkempt kitchen can affect the well-being of the whole family. Even the dirty dishes in the sink or utensils that are not properly arranged can bring more damage than just making the home smell foul. The best way to tackle this is through modular kitchens. High storage capacity and facilities, the customization option, and ease of maintenance it offers are just some of the advantages of modular kitchens.