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Vastu Shastra for Homes: Unraveling the Myth

April 06, 2019

The Concept of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an age-old concept of science that governed the conventional Indian architecture. The concept of Vastu Shastra for homes holds a blend of astrology, astronomy, science, and art incorporating the age-old Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. According to it, every element in a home should be placed in a specific place and direction. Vastu Shastra was initially designed as an art and later transformed as a science and astrological method for achieving peace and harmony. The architecture that it revolves on combines all earthly elements; fire, space, water, earth, and air.

Is It Important to follow Vastu for House?

Many of us consider Indian architecture and Vastu Shastra for homes as pseudoscience or superstition. However, in reality, it is an architectural science, which brings purpose and betterment. From creating a comfortable life to bringing prosperity, the concept has unseen benefits and characteristics to it. Complying with the Vaastu shastra norms provides immense cosmic energy making one happy, healthy, and wealthy. Above all even if you do vastu consultation, the professional architectural or interior designers recommend making home according to the concept as the positive energies help minimize negativity and lead a successful life.

Complying with the Indian architecture and vastu shastra for homes has a significant impact on one’s health, prosperity, and lifestyle. Homes that are well balanced to the environment or comply with feng shui principles create a positive energy and a dynamic balance within the space. One of the main benefits that come with it is that it offers numerous ways to create a better life without a huge sacrifice or incurring huge expenditures. The defects can be corrected even by making minor adjustments in the interiors of the house. This is possible by changing colors, shifting or changing the position of furniture and doing minor alterations. The changes convert any space in an order that aligns with cosmic energy and the nature of the people. Complying with Vastu for home means engulfing changes in spiritual, material, and physical well being.

Designing Homes the Vastu Way

Vastu Shastra tips for Home Kitchen Architectural
Modular Kitchen design in kochi

The kitchen is best situated in the southeast corner or northwest portion of the house. Electronic appliances such as an oven or mixer are preferable to the southern wall. However, when cooking, the person should face east with gas and water at the southeastern and northeast portion respectively. Kitchens with storage solutions and in primary colors such as yellow, orange, and green are believed to calm one’s mind and increase eating habits.

Vastu tips for prayer rooms

The auspicious location for prayer rooms is the northeast portion in the ground floor of the house. Although it may seem easiest to place a prayer room under the staircase, it is better not to do so. Moreover, arranging prayer rooms near to the toilets is regarded as inauspicious. Along with this, as per Vaastu shastra, avoid placing idols and go for divine images. However, if necessary, ensure the idols are over 9 inches from the walls. Have two-shutter doors of high quality with white, light yellow or light blue color walls. In modern apartments and houses where are space constraints, opt for a suitable prayer unit with ample light and air circulation.

Bedroom for a sound sleep


It is important that the first things you see when entering the bedroom make you happy. This could be flowers or even a photograph of your loved ones. Make sure not to place mirrors on the north side of the bedroom as it may bring troubles and create a projection of negative. Also, make sure the room is clutter free. As per Vastu tips, having a cluttered cupboard or bed is bad. While designing and making master bedroom interiors on Indian architecture, ensure that most of the space is open allowing free flow of energy. Likewise, sleep with your head towards the south as it evokes magnetic energy and excites the blood flow.

Vastu for home living space

As per vastu for home, living rooms facing north or east bring a good vibe with harmony. The living room sitting has to face the north or east side in a way such that visitors sit opposite or beside. Keep the TV unit in the southeast corner. While planning the living and dining area furnishing, choose rectangular or square pieces. Likewise, always keep the northeast corner clean and uncluttered as it attracts good fortune. Decorate the area with plants and design the space with bright and well-lit bulbs and decor. Brightness in rooms creates a soothing and cozy vibe inside the house. Display paintings that depict beauty or scenery. This elevates the mood and generates positive energy.

Overall, the concept of Indian architecture and vastu shastra for homes aims at free flow of positive energy and good vibrations inside the house to ensure comfortable living. Oxygen and light inside the house keep negative elements away and facilitates a healthy life.