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Window Boxes – Perfect Solution for Indoor Garden

May 11, 2020

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In the western countries prevalently in Europe, it can be noticed that the buildings around the area no matter what may be the size be big or small, seems to have a charming window box having several flower plants which are basking in the sun. Present Kerala house interior design trends are seeing the rise in window boxes, which can add a dash of charm and color to the interior of your house and to the exteriors. If you are living in a big city where there are too much noise and very little space with no access to a balcony, without a roof or a space for growing indoors to fulfill your garden needs, then window boxes may be the perfect answer for you. Even the interior designers and decorators suggest the use of garden in modern homes. Here’s how you can have one.

A Green Touch

In simpler words, indoor garden window boxes are flower or plant boxes, which are hung just beneath the sill of a window. According to Kerala house interior design if you are not having enough balcony space in your apartment then you can hang them from the railings of your windows. Window boxes not just adds aesthetic value to the front of your house but also boosts the facade character and is also an environmental controller as the garden wall can reduce the temperature of the home interiors.

Perfect Solution for Small Houses

Finding adequate space in the modern days are very much expensive and this makes it extremely important to make the most out of what is readily available without much compromising on the decorating ideas. You can create your own patch of home garden with a little help of sturdy hardware and good workmanship no matter what may be the size of your apartment or its height. Homes in Kerala can practice hydroponic gardening or herb gardening and let plants grow to a mini greenhouse and smart gardens in window boxes.

The required materials

Window boxes are available in a wide range of materials from stone, wood, metal or PVC you can find them in various options. You can decide on a particular material type depending on the factors like sunlight that the window receives, the strength of the material and the budget and keep yourself updated with the current Kerala house interior design trends

Here is a list of several types of window box ideas for Kerala home garden, which you can consider for your requirements –


The most basic and popular material that is used for window boxes is wood which is very versatile and can enhance the exterior aesthetic of any home without hampering the style. You can also utilize it as a DIY indoor garden project and custom made it to suit your windows.


Terracotta was mainly used for making plant pots; it is a natural choice when you are considering a window box. It is a very simple and breathable material, which can last years with proper care. They can become heavy with soil and moisture so it requires to be secured with proper brackets. It is a very favored choice when it comes to Kerala house interior designs.


Among metals, aluminum and copper are the most common and durable materials which are considered for window boxes. This is because Aluminum is light in weight and resistant to rust and copper, and adds nutrients to the soil, which will help your plants to bloom. But in India, you need to place them on a window that does not get too much sun or at least has some shade.

So according to Kerala house interior design trends, Window boxes are very much essential if you want to have indoor gardens in your small apartments. Try them out to give your residential interiors and exteriors modern look.